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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Women of all ages have sought Dr. Bayran’s aesthetic expertise and his renowned rejuvenation techniques to improve the appearance and feel of their vagina. Dr. Bayran’s unique approach to what we refer to as ‘designer vagina therapy’ is a customized combination of radiofrequency, laser, fillers, and injectable bio-cellular healing treatments – such as growth factors and stem cells – that address tightness, dryness, appearance, sexual drive, stimulation—and everything that stands between you and an unconditional love for your body.

For women experiencing loose vaginal tissues or muscles—which is often the result of childbirth, genetics, aging, or trauma to the area—Vaginoplasty (vaginal tissue tightening) can tone and tighten the muscles, restore sensitivity, and increase pleasure during intercourse. Likewise, Labiaplasty (reducing the size and shape of the labia minora) can not only provide an aesthetic “face lift” to the vagina but can also address labial enlargement, unevenness, and pain or discomfort. In these instances, Dr. Bayran and his team of expert plastic surgeons will create a multifaceted approach that involves both surgical and nonsurgical treatments to provide volumization, reduction, labial contouring, tightening, and/or improvements in sensitivity.