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Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch marks are a normal part of puberty. They’re also common in women who have been pregnant, as well as men and women who are overweight or who may have gained weight quickly in the past. While you cannot always stop the formation of these long, narrow streaks on the skin, we can reduce the prominence of their appearance. Today there are effective, non-invasive treatments that result in the reduction of stretch marks on the skin.

We use FDA-approved devices that offer skin-tightening benefits and an overall improvement in the skin’s appearance. Stretch mark reduction is carried out by minimizing fat cells, while also stimulating and strengthening collagen fibers for improved skin texture and laxity. Focused radiofrequency technology penetrates deep into the skin to produce satisfactory aesthetic effects including firmer, notably younger-looking skin. Each treatment ranges from 20 to 30 minutes on average and comes with little to no patient discomfort.

Want to know how to remove an unsightly stretch mark on your skin? Stretch marks can widely range in terms of length, thickness, and where they are located on the body. These indentations commonly appear on patients breasts, abdomen, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

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