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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Otoplasty is a type of surgery that changes the size, shape, or position of the ear. Different types of ear surgeries are performed depending on an individual patient’s needs. Most patients undergo otoplasty to reduce large, protruding ears while others may seek procedures that repair their misshapen ears due to congenital disabilities or accidents

When the ears are fully developed, otoplasty can be performed on any patient. The ears usually reach their full size after the age of five, and thus beginning at age 5 children with prominent ears can undergo the corrective surgery.

The overall facial harmony can be disrupted when the ears have cosmetic issues. By undergoing otoplasty, the ears achieve a more symmetrical and natural look that’s aligned with the rest of the face and the head.

Earlobe repair or reconstruction is the procedure that uses different types of surgical techniques to correct a variety of visible damages to the ear. This includes ear stretching tearing or sagging due to injuries, earring use, congenital deformities, or gauging. These irregularities may cause negative effects to the harmony and aesthetics of the face. When patients undergo this surgery, the appearance of the face achieves subtle improvements that provide them earlobes that are symmetrical to their ears and other facial features

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