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Non-Surgical Mommmy Makeover

In spite of your best efforts to fight the after-effects of pregnancy, it can be quite difficult or perhaps even impossible to even consider body sculpting. As a result, we often feel hopeless, and new moms struggle to just keep the sagging & pudge under control. Every mom knows the sacrifice her figure makes for her wonderful children.

At Beautify Cosmetic & Surgical Clinic, we offer exquisite and and ground-breaking laser technologies to combat the aging process that come with the post-baby battle. By using a combination of methods, we will target those problem areas on your body that you would like to improve without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

We offer JuvaShape for body sculpting, smoothing your cellulite, tightening your skin, and reshaping any bulges. JuvaShape treatments are virtually pain-free, and most importantly provide dramatic, visible results. This is modern full body contouring. It’s designed for the appearance and satisfaction you’ve been looking for in non-invasively shaping your body.

You deserve to love every inch of your body, and Beautify Cosmetic & Surgical Clinic can help. Discover the possibilities during a complimentary consultation with our physician and our team in Chicago.