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Liquid Facelift


Available Fillers and Treatments

Botox • Dysport •Juvederm Ultra • Juvederm Ultra Plus •Juvederm Voluma • Juvederm Volbella • Restylane Silk • Restylane Lyft •Restylane Refyne • Restylane Defyne • Bellafill • Sculptra •Platelet-Rich Plasma • Stem Cell Therapy

With an array of cosmetic fillers on his palette—all with their own distinct purposes and benefits—Dr. Neema Bayran puts his experience and unique artistry to work by crafting a patient-specific treatment plan to produce the desired facial sculpting results. Using Sculptra as a base for collagen production, Dr. Bayran employs ‘thicker’ fillers for substantial volume increase or noticeable lifting in areas that tend to fall or droop as we age.

These areas include – but are not limited to – the cheeks, temples, jowls, jawline and chin.  Following up with ‘softer’ fillers, Dr. Bayran then focuses on the finer details: filling the hollows beneath the eyes, improving fine lines and wrinkles, contouring chin creases and dimples, and enhancing the lips. For patients with severe volume loss, facial trauma, or scars, Dr. Bayran uses silicone-based fillers and Bellafill for considerable, long-term improvements. When used steadily and strategically, fillers not only ‘plump’, but also achieve incremental enhancements in facial sculpting.