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Hair Removal

While there may be countless methods to eliminate unwanted hair, very few of those methods can guarantee to eliminate hair regrowth while also leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Laser hair removal can guarantee just that. By absorbing light into the melanin of the hair shaft, the temperature of the hair follicle is raised to the point that the cells responsible for hair regrowth are destroyed. You’ll leave BeautifyAMS with smooth, hairless skin without having to worry about needing any razors or wax in the future.

The Technology We Use

Alma Lasers has provided us with two exceptional lasers for the most effective and virtually painless hair removal experience. Both the Harmony®XL and the Soprano®XLharmlessly penetrate the epidermis and dermis to effectively reach the hair follicles and destroy the cells responsible for hair regrowth. The treatment results in little to no pain and leaves the area outside the hair follicle undamaged.