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Fitness Surgery

Whenever a foreign object is introduced to the body—especially in the case of muscular implants, which require meticulous planning and patient-specific customization—a skilled and experienced medical professional is critical to ensuring a safe procedure with outstanding results. Dr. Bayran and his surgical team have years of experience with pectoral, shoulder, bicep, tricep, buttock, hip and calf implants and understand that each procedure varies slightly depending on the muscle: selecting the ideal shape of the implant, selecting the proper size of implant, and choosing the perfect incision points to reduce scarring.

Fat transfer is also a common and effective method of treatment for male chest contouring, which aims to lift the chest and increase the size of the chest muscles. As they age, men often experience fat buildup and sagging in the chest and nipples. Our team’s unique combination of targeted fat removal, fat injections to the muscles, and nipple lifts can produce a contoured, more athletic look. Occasionally, surgical implants may be required to obtain significant sculpting in the chest area. In these instances, Dr. Bayran works hand in hand with his expert plastic surgeons to produce a defined, lifted, and sculpted upper body.

Additionally, Dr. Bayran and his skilled plastic surgeons employ certain proprietary techniques to reduce trauma in surgery, minimize patient recovery time, and limit the risk of complications.

We provide numerous options if you are looking to improve muscular definition and shape. These include, but are not limited to, surgical high definition contouring with fat grafting, muscular implants, and fillers. If you have problem areas that refuse to grow or want an increas in size and shape, our fillers can sometimes be used to give you that extra boost. For example, Bellafill can be injected to give a boost in collagen and immediate size in muscular areas like the biceps, shoulders, arms, and abs. After the injection, your muscle density will increase in the long-term and your workouts will rise to a whole new level.

You deserve to love every inch of your body, and Beautify Cosmetic & Surgical Clinic can help. Discover the possibilities during a complimentary consultation with our physician and our team in Chicago.