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Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a safe, non-surgical, and minimally invasive solution aimed at achieving natural lift, volume and definition as well as correcting bodily disproportions or indentations. Renowned specialists in the art of nonsurgical body contouring and sculpting, Beautify’s surgical team often uses fat grafting to lift and add volume to the breasts, bulk and sculpt the chest, calves and shoulders, define and volumize the arms, and lift and augment the buttocks via the highly popular, non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift.

Equipped with custom-designed cannulas that allow for the greatest precision, our plastic surgeons extract the cleanest, most viable fat possible from the patient’s body, purify it through Puregraft microfiltration (thereby removing any contaminants, oil, debris and blood) and enrich the fat with stem cells, A-cell, growth factors, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s own blood. The fat is then used throughout the body to lift, shape, add volume and definition, provide additional contour, and refill and camouflage indentations and irregularities from past botched procedures. The purified fat can even be filtered down to a specialized ‘nanofat’ to treat thinner skin – also to reduce cellulite, prominent hand veins, dimples, and facial / neck / chest wrinkles – and to address more minor areas of the body such as the eyelids, eyebrows and forehead.

For patients looking to enhance their appearance or reconstruct their breasts (following a mastectomy or lumpectomy) without the aid of implants, non-surgical fat transfer techniques can enhance both the shape and volume of the breasts.

At Beautify, fat grafting is typically used in combination with Sculptra injections to ensure long-term improvement and provide additional volume and definition.

Fat transfer is also a common and effective treatment for male chest contouring, which aims to lift the chest and increase the size of the chest muscles. As they age, men often experience fat buildup and sagging in the chest and nipples. Beautify’s surgical team’s unique combination of targeted fat removal, fat injections to the muscles, and nipple lifts can produce a contoured, more athletic look. Occasionally, surgical implants may be required to obtain significant sculpting in the chest area. In these instances, we work hand-in-hand with Dr. Bayran’s team of expert plastic surgeons to produce a defined, lifted, and sculpted upper body.