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Eye Bag & Under Eyes Filler

For those with prominent eye bags, dark circles, and crepe-y skin beneath the eyes, hiding behind sunglasses is no longer your only option. To achieve significant improvement in this ultra-sensitive area, our doctors have crafted a multifaceted approach that begins with lifting the cheek areas with injectable fillers to provide support to the under-eye. Through a carefully-curated combination of laser treatments, radiofrequency devices, ultrasound skin tightening, microneedling, facial peels, PRP, and customized skin care, we are able to address various hyperpigmentation and textural issues.

While the surface of your skin is being treated, our physician employs “soft” fillers to volumize the hollows beneath the eyes. When injected in microdroplets, these fillers can improve the darkened, sunken appearance beneath the eyes as well as any wrinkles, lines and folds in the skin. For patients with “fat pads” or severe sagging beneath the eyes, we may suggest surgical alternatives to produce dramatic results with the aid of Dr. Bayran’s team of expert plastic surgeons.

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