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Eyebrow Lift

The natural effects of aging are often most apparent in our face and around our eyes. As the years pass us by, the collagen in our face begins to degrade and our signature features begin to droop and sag. For many, a substantial lift in the upper face is an ideal solution to improve the early signs of aging. A Brow Lift can restore those elevated, youthful eyebrows and achieve a raised, defined arch. This results in a more inviting, rejuvenated look. Following a complimentary in-depth consultation and analysis, Dr. Neema Bayran and his skilled team of plastic surgeons will determine an optimal approach to meet every patient’s desired goals. For eyebrow lifting and contouring, scarring is reduced with a minimal incision hidden in the hairline. Alternatively, for patients suffering with a receding hairline, a forehead reduction or hairline-lowering brow lift might be a better option. Brow lift procedures are occasionally performed in conjunction with corrugator muscle surgery—or removal of the corrugator supercilii, the frowning forehead muscle responsible for creating frown lines—thereby improving your overall appearance and reversing the aging process.

A pioneer in nonsurgical facial sculpting and body contouring treatments, Dr. Bayran often complements and helps maintain the effects of Brow Lift surgery with advanced, minimally invasive techniques that can provide additional lift, promote skin tightening, and achieve a subtle, elevated look (even without surgery). These include injectable fillers to lift and volumize the temple, forehead, and eyebrows; neuromodulator injections, also known as a Chemical Brow Lift; dissolvable NovaThreads beneath the skin for an immediate and long-term lift; Thermage radiofrequency skin tightening; and Ultherapy ultrasound skin tightening treatments.