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Brazilian Butt Lift

Thanks to Dr. Neema Bayran, a renowned expert in combination body contouring procedures, a Brazilian Butt Lift provides numerous enhancements to the buttock area. These include additional volume, improved tone, cellulite reduction, and added lift. The procedure typically involves Hi-Definition Liposculpture and water-assisted fat harvesting, a technique in which fat is removed from other areas of your body, purified through the Puregraft filtration system, and enriched with your own growth factors and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) before it is transferred to the gluteal tissues, which allows for the greatest longevity and viability.

For more significant improvements in size, shape and contour of the buttocks, Dr. Bayran and our expert plastic surgeons will often perform a composite procedure: buttock implants complemented with natural fat grafting. A long-term solution tailored specifically to your anatomy and aesthetic goals, implants can dramatically improve symmetry, projection, roundness and volume of the buttocks. Following the procedure, fat grafting is injected into the desired areas for additional lifting and shaping, precision contouring, and cellulite improvement. Using internal and/or external radiofrequency energy devices, our board-certified plastic surgeons can promote skin tightening, buttock lifting and thigh improvement. We also use Sculptra following the procedure to stimulate collagen production, improve shape, and reduce cellulite.

A longtime expert in the art of body sculpting and contouring, Dr. Bayran advises all of his patients against permanent silicone injections. These permanent injections come with long-term consequences and potentially dangerous side effects.