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  • Fat Transfer

    Fat Transfer

    Fat transfer is a safe, non-surgical, and minimally invasive solution aimed at achieving natural lift, volume and definition as well as correcting bodily disproportions or indentations. Renowned specialists in the art of nonsurgical body contouring …

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  • Mommy Makeover

    Mommy Makeover

    A multi-treatment procedure popular with mothers and women of all kinds, the Mommy Makeover is a patient-tailored, head-to-toe service that traditionally includes breast surgery (either lifting, fat grafting, reduction, or augmentation), abdominoplasty (a Full or Mini Tummy …

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  • Tummy Tuck

    Tummy Tuck

    Abdominoplasty (commonly referred to as a Tummy Tuck) is a surgical option that offers dramatic improvements for patients seeking a smoother, tighter, and firmer stomach with a natural-looking, contoured appearance. A full abdominoplasty involves a two-layer …

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  • Brazilian Butt Lift

    Brazilian Butt Lift

    Thanks to Dr. Neema Bayran, a renowned expert in combination body contouring procedures, a Brazilian Butt Lift provides numerous enhancements to the buttock area. These include additional volume, improved tone, cellulite reduction, and added lift. The procedure …

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  • Thigh Lift

    Thigh Lift

    For patients with significant skin sagging in the inner or outer thigh, a Thighplasty (commonly referred to as a Thigh Lift) can provide surgical skin removal and lifting, thereby reducing any skin laxity. Dr. Bayran and his …

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  • Liposuction


    Hi-Definition Liposuction is a patient-tailored combination of treatments and procedures specially formulated to deliver a complete body transformation with unimaginable, life-altering results. Using instinctive techniques and advanced tools, such as Hi-Definition Liposuction, Beautify’s plastic surgeons can …

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  • Arm Lift

    Arm Lift

    An arm lift is a surgical procedure that simultaneously reduces sagging skin on the arms, removes fat pockets, tightens and smooths the supportive tissue, and reshapes and contours the upper arm. In the hands of …

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