Beautify At AMS Medical Spa

Medical Grade Peels: What It Is

Have an upcoming special event? Put your best face forward with a BEaUtify at AMS personalized medical grade peel. Our peels improve and smooth skin, along with clearing sun damage, brown spots, fine lines, and acne. Old, damaged skin peels off, revealing younger and more radiant skin. 

We recommend our medical grade peels right before a big event, as skin peeling will increase over the course of a week. Once the peeling process begins, we encourage patients to come back to the spa for an exfoliation, or to shop through our many products that will aid exfoliation at home. 

The Technology We Use:

Here at AMS, we use a combination of AHA and BHA peels from Bio-Elements® and glo-therapeutics. We also create our own personalized in-house medical grade peels, individualized for each patient’s specific needs. For more information on medical grade peels or the exfoliation process, visit or or call our office at (312) 465-2863. 

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