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Botox® Cosmetic: What It Is

Botox® Cosmetic is a quick, non-surgical treatment, involving a series of injections to relax the movement of muscles that cause or accentuate wrinkles. Botox can be administered to the areas surrounding the eyes, forehead, and mouth to smooth crow’s feet, frown lines and worry lines. This quick 15-30 minute treatment will provide you with noticeable improvement for moderate to severe wrinkles. While results vary, most of our patients enjoy their correction for four full months.

The Technology We Use:

Botox® is a FDA approved prescription product that, when injected into skin, temporally relaxes the muscles which can cause and exacerbate wrinkles. It blocks the release of a substance called “acetylcholine.” This reduces muscle activity that causes lines and wrinkles to form. Botox® does not affect the nerves responsible for sensation so there is no numbness or loss of feeling in the treated area. After injections the skin over the treated muscle becomes smoother with fewer wrinkles as the muscle relaxes.For more information on Botox®, visit or call our office at (312) 465-2863.

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